One User Interface to unify all your business software and data sources

Daily Jobs and Workflows across multiple Software done faster and better

UnifiedVU Platform

Delivering productivity gains for teams of one to hundreds

The Old Way, The UnifiedVU Way

A flexible solution for small to medium size businesses

One screen to bring everything that matters to you together and streamline your business operations.

No need to replace your existing software. UnifiedVU runs on top of them in real-time without storing any data in our servers.

Start with Customer 360º View (all your customer data on one screen)

Customer records in your marketing, sales, finance, projects and support all unified in real-time on one intuitive view, thereby creating actionable insights and giving you the opportunity to focus on growing revenues and managing costs effectively instead of wasting hours chasing reports from multiple systems and departments.

Until now, the focus has been to export data into the CRM, which then locks out none licensed users from accessing the enriched data. We believe this is counter-productive to growth of any business.

UnifiedVU makes it possible to share snippets of data and associated functionality with anyone in your organisation in a sensible manner. It even allows you to share externally with your partners.

Generate Customer 360º Views from any business software

UnifiedVU has the ability to generate customer 360º views from almost any data in any business software thus creating new opportunities by unlocking data and insights.

An infinite number of potential solutions

Add a selection of Apps from internal App Store to create unique user experiences bringing actionable insights in real-time liberating and democratising data silos.

Check out among solutions customer intelligence, revenue and cashflow analysis, sales pipeline views, unified tasks and unified communications.

Easy peasy - 3 Steps to go live!

No training needed. Guides and tips provided for those who likes instructions.

Step 1

Add a new work Space. Change default setting from private to shared when sharing with your team.

Step 2

Populate the work Space with Apps from the internal App Store. Authenticate Apps with your business software. If you don't have login access to one or more business software, contact your colleague responsible for your UnifiedVU account.

Step 3

Select data (e.g. contact on CRM or invoice on accountancy software) on one App to see how adjacent Apps bring related data from their respective software. Act on the insights. Click on any tiny arrow where present to go into the respective record in the connected software.

Getting started couldn't be easier

Book a 30-minutes DEMO before starting a 14-day free trial. This will give us an opportunity to understand the software you use, the problems associated with them and how best to solve those through UnifiedVU Platform.


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Tom Cheesewright Book of the Future

"UnifiedVU gave me much clearer insight into the shape of my sales pipeline in a visual form that was easier to manage than my CRM system. At a glance I can see where every opportunity is at, and with a few clicks I can interact with them to keep things moving."

"I login to Xero to check overdue invoices. Then I login to Zendesk to see if we had any tickets related to that customer which may indicate why the payment is delayed. And then I login to Pipedrive to find their details so I can call them to pay us. I repeat the same for the next customer, and the customer after and so on. With UnifiedVU I can now select an invoice and adjacent Apps immediately display unsolved issues on Zendesk and who to call on Pipedrive. All in one screen. Finally I can now use the time saved to focus on growth of my business."

Andrew Threlfall Malinko

Smarter working is just a click away

Easy to set up and trial for 14 days with no credit card required

UnifiedVU Platform

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