Review of our first 12 months #UnifiedVU

Believe it or not, we have now been in business for 12 months. It’s worth taking few minutes to review how it all began.

In Sep 2013, Manoj joined Phil Brown, CEO of Causeway Technologies to help spin out a new technology, Livestax which has been in development for sometime. At the end of October 2014, Manoj left Livestax and Causeway with the blessings of Phil to setup a new company to commercialise Livestax framework. In December 2014, UnifiedVU Ltd was incorporated.


2014 November

Testing out the commercial viability of the new company.

2014 December


Incorporated new company as UnifiedVU Ltd. You can read about how we crowdsourced the name here. Asinsala joined us from We are now a team of two, spread between UnifiedVU and

We experimented the framework by re-skinning CapsuleCRM to produce a Sales Pipeline View similar to Pipedrive. Today, our CapsuleCRM Suite of Apps include Milestone App for Sales Pipeline View and Contacts App for Single Customer View.

2015 January

App 3 and 5Our progress was interrupted by Accusoft, Inc approaching Manoj to acquire, one of the other tech startups founded by Manoj.

We released three edocr Apps in January, available for trial on a demo site. Today, our edocr Suite of Apps works with CRM Apps such as Salesforce and CapsuleCRM, Contact Enrichment Apps such as PeopleGraph and FullContact.

2015 February

Negotiations of acquisition was in full swing including due diligence. We started to think about Single Customer View starting with web analytics.

2015 March was acquired. And as part of the acquisition, Asinsala was seconded to Accusoft for the next 3 months, which removed our ability to continue with product development.

2015 April

No product development due to lack of resources. Manoj chills out after the exit but told to get back to work by his youngest daughter.

2015 May

No product development due to lack of resources. Manoj restarts planning for commercial launch later in 2015.

2015 June

Asinsala returned on 20th from duties. Livestax framework went live.

2015 July

enrichmentCheran joined us. We are now a team of three, which includes two full time senior software engineers.

Released Duedill and Full Contact Apps. Duedill helps with Customer Intelligence whilst FullContact helps with Contact Enrichment.


2015 August

salesforceManoj took a well earned break. Product development continues.

We re-skinned Salesforce to produce a Sales Pipeline View. Today, our Salesforce Suite of Apps include Milestone App for Sales Pipeline View, Contacts App for Single Customer View and Data Entry App for adding new Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities without having to log in to Salesforce.


2015 September

UnifiedVU WelcomeWe moved to commercialisation phase of UnifiedVU. For the first time, UnifiedVU Platform is now available for trialling.

Two pricing plans are available, at £25 and £45 month/user. In addition, bespoke solutions are available for larger organisations, priced to suit requirements.


2015 October

BarclaysWe took part in a challenge organised by Barclays at Rise in Manchester. Discussions are continuing.

We released Leave Management Application based on data stored on Google Sheets.



2015 November

healthcareWe submitted a bid for SBRI call to relieve pressures on Accident and Emergency Departments of NHS, UK. One of the mockups can be seen here.

We released RSS App and Group Management Application.



2015 December

Barclays paymentWe took part in a Hackathon organised by Barclays at Unbound Digital in London where we trialled with Barclays dummy APIs.

Today UnifiedVU Platform supports Salesforce, CapsuleCRM, edocr, Companies House, Xero, MailChimp, Twitter, FullContact, Peoplegraph, DueDill, Google Maps, Google Sheets and RSS.

Applications include Single Customer View, Sales Pipeline View, Customer Intelligence, Contact Enrichment, News, Leave Management, Document Lead Analysis, Group Management and Customer Interactivity.

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