We got MailChimp’d

MailChimp became the second integration partner to list us, first being CapsuleCRM.

mailchimp listing

Single Customer View – MailChimp with any System

Build Single Customer View by adding MailChimp to other business software systems to increase customer lifetime value.

Your customer records exist in sales, marketing, finance and support systems, making it difficult to see the single truth of your customer across all your software systems. MailChimp is one of your marketing systems where your customers and prospects hear about new product features, customer wins and news about your company.

As an example, its harder to know that the person who engaged with your last email campaign most has not bought any products or services from you over the last year. The Single Customer View from UnifiedVU is here to address this and other problems.

As part of unifying customer records from sales, marketing, accounting and support, the MailChimp app on UnifiedVU Platform works with any contact based Apps such as CRM displaying how a customer has responded to marketing campaigns.

mailchimp listSelect a Contact on the CRM App, and the adjacent MailChimp App will display how that Contact responded to your email marketing campaigns.

On UnifiedVU, you could select a Customer or prospective Customer, go through their employees on the CRM Contacts App to find out which employee has responded most to your Campaigns before you have a one-to-one with them. This Contact could also become your greatest sponsor for your products and services at your prospective Customer.

As we continue to develop, the importance of MailChimp within the Single Customer View will continue to grow.

Currently, MailChimp works with Salesforce, SugarCRM and CapsuleCRM on UnifiedVU Platform.

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