Why you should partner with #UnifiedVU? Case study on co-marketing efforts

We recently teamed up with CanUMeet to offer the ability to book a meeting with anyone in your CRM or Contact List in 60 seconds.


As part of teaming up with us, we offered them the following co-marketing assistance:

  1. Add to UnifiedVU App Store – under Productivity Category.
  2. Add to our Partner Directory with trackable link to their website.
  3. Add to App Store on website.
  4. Blog post
  5. Post to Facebook channels. Official Channel, CEO’s activity stream and many other groups where we are an active member.
  6. Post to Linkedin channels: CEO’s activity stream, UnifiedVU Linkedin Page and groups where we are an active member.
  7. Share on Twitter channels. Company and CEO’s channels.
  8. Share on Google+ channels.
  9. Newsletter to 7000+ contacts.
  10. Product Hunt listing.

We are currently exploring what else we could do to bring maximum exposure to both parties. And this is one of the reasons, why you should consider teaming up with us, not just because we have a unique technology value proposition.