UnifiedVU and the Customer Success Association by Mikael Blaisdell

mikaelIn the past few weeks, I highlight the efforts by individuals to bring similar vendors and technologies together, first Customer Data Platform (CDP) Institue by David Raab and Master Data Management (MDM) Institute by Aaron Zornes.

Today, I like to introduce you to Customer Success (CS) Association by Mikael Blaisdell.

As Mikael mentions,

“We are about helping you retain and expand your company’s customer relationships. Our goal is to provide you with access to the most relevant information about the developing profession, and to help connect you with others of the global customer success community for networking, conversation and learning.”

Mikael defines Customer Success Management (CSM) as,

All across the SaaS B2B industry, a new and vital role is being established and developed. The job goes by many names: Customer Success Manager, Client Advocate, etc., but regardless of the label, it’s about customer relationship retention and optimization. And the most effective way to keep your customers is to make them as successful as possible in using your technology product.


Technology companies recognised include:

  1. Akita
  2. Amity
  3. AnswerDash
  4. Azuqua
  5. Bluenose Analytics
  6. ClientLoyalty
  7. ChurnZero  
  8. ClientSuccess  
  9. CustomerGauge
  10. Engagement Logic
  11. Evergage
  12. Gainsight  
  13. IgniteFeedback
  14. InsideView  
  15. Intercom
  16. Iridize
  17. Jell Networks
  18. Kapta
  19. MindTouch
  20. Natero  
  21. OnBoardify
  22. OnlyBoth
  23. Optimove
  24. Pendo
  25. Planhat
  26. SalesPredict (acquired by eBay)
  27. ServiceRocket
  28. Skilljar
  29. Strikedeck
  30. TopBox
  31. Totango  
  32. Trustfuel
  33. UnifiedVU
  34. UserIQ
  35. WalkMe
  36. Wise
  37. Woopra
  38. Wootric


Absence from the list are Customer Relationship Management (CRM) vendors, who help their customers succeed through management of contacts and sales. Nevertheless, we are honoured to be included among a number of well recognised vendors. Thank you Mikael.

Continuous Refinement

As we continue to refine UnifiedVU and search for a software category we could call home, I introduced Single Customer View 2.0 earlier this month as a sub category of Customer Succces.

Refining our thinking which was expressed in the previous blog post further, our sole aim is to help our customers grow, and therefore we fit in to Customer Success category quite comfortably.

By bringing everything that matters to make a decision together on one screen from multiple software applications and data sources, we help our customers:

  • to make best-informed decisions – by bringing everything together in real-time on one screen. There is no longer a need for outdated reports or request information from your colleagues, which leads to
  • higher productivity, saving 30+ minutes per day.


To achieve above we provide three types of solutions:

  1. Single Customer View 2.0 and its variants – bringing customer data and functionality from your internal applications such as sales, marketing, finance, customer support, projects, etc, and external applications such as Companies House, credit rating agencies, data sources, etc.
  2. Re-skinning of existing software applications. So far we demonstrated this with building Sales Pipeline Views and re-skinning Trello.
  3. Bespoke applications from tools to custom dashboards and enterprise applications.

As we continue to learn from our customers, we continue to refine our thinking.