Spend your Surplus Budget wisely before year end

I just had to turn away #UnitedUtilities, the local water utility company who wanted to resurface our pavement simply because it did not look perfect!

Do you have surplus budget you need to spend before the month end?

How about spending it with us to improve productivity of your workforce and accelerate your growth without spending it on cosmetic changes that add no value to your bottom line?


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UnifiedVU Cloud Productivity Platform can be adopted in many ways to improve the overall productivity of an organisation and transform it to be the best it can be.

Whilst we have focused on standard applications such as customer 360 view, sales pipeline view, debtor and creditor management, sales revenue blocker analysis, unified communications and unified task management, the Platform can be used to solve many problems from talent management to supply chain.

It’s not just read, but write as well

UnifiedVU is an interactive Platform, which means you are not just reading information, but can also add new as well as edit existing data. We also have a number of data entry apps which could transform how you enter data into your existing business software.

So what about United Utilities?

If you like to know the rest of the story about United Utilities, please just send me an email!

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