Help us improve #Pipedrive App Suite

Another day, another morning bathed with sunshine here in Cheadle Hulme, Manchester where I live. 

One of our key customers have asked for few improvements to our Pipedrive Apps Suite last night during a customer support session I held and keen to hear your feedback in order to improve the functionality and performance of Pipedrive Apps on UnifiedVU Platform.

Pipedrive Contacts App

Pipedrive Contacts App currently works with SageOne, Xero, Quickbooks, Zendesk, MailChimp, Trello, CompaniesHouse, GoogleMail, GoogleDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive and many more to bring single truth about your customer on to one screen.  

Pipedrive data is now available not just for the sales team, but for anyone who needs access to customer data and functionality. This could be your accounting clerk who chase debtors to those vital customer champion heroes who work harder on customer retention.

Currently, Google Maps App responds to organisations and not individual contacts in Pipedrive Contacts App. As part of the improvements, we plan to fix this. This is to support those customers who sell to people rather than companies.

Pipedrive Sales App

Pipedrive Sales App works with financial apps (currently with Xero, SageOne and Quickbooks) to help you identify reasons why a deal might be delayed due to internal issues. It also works with Pipedrive Contacts App.

Pipedrive Activities App

Pipedrive Activities App work in isolation within our Unified Task View, sitting alongside Trello and others. When loaded, it shows activities against you. It also have functionality to show activities assigned to your sales team. Whilst your activities are grouped, your colleagues’ activities are not. We plan to fix this as part of improvements. Other improvements planned include this App to respond to other Apps, initially with the Pipedrive Sales and Contacts Apps. 

How can you help?

Would be great to get feedback from all of you (happy to create trial accounts, where you do not have access to).

We also lack a dialler App and keen to find a partner, who might be interested in building an App on our platform (about a week to build). We are also keen on building more Pipedrive Apps. Do share any ideas you might have.