Re-mapping of UnifiedVU’s sales process

Recently I came across a report by Drift (see bottom of this blog post) on the analysis of the top 100 SaaS companies (thanks to the Linkedin post by Adam Schoenfeld of Siftrock and David Cancel‘s respond to it), which got us to rethink about our sales process. As a company with a Platform suitable for both Small to Medium size Businesses (SMBs) as well as Enterprises, it is important to understand the stages, the prospective customers go through.

Here we captured the process using our favourite process mapping tool, Elements Cloud (both UnifiedVU and Venture 9 are partners).

Let me share our process in detail:

  1. The process ends with a decision, i.e. Won, Lost or Deferred.
  2. The process could be started in two ways, i.e. lead identified during prospecting or through a web enquiry. A web enquiry may be through a request for a Trial or a Demo. Prospecting may happen online through other websites or forums; on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin (rarely now on Quora); face-to-face encounters at events and exhibitions; or from our existing CRM database.
  3. If it’s a prospected Lead (i.e. Lead Identified), then it would go through the stages of Lead Engaged (i.e. responded to email marketing campaigns, instant messaging, voice call or on social media) before being qualified as a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL).  Then there are two paths the MQL could take, i.e. trialling or enter the Scoping and Proposal stages.
  4. Trialling process could be started in two ways, i.e. request a Demo first or go straight to a 14-day Trial with full functionality and access to all our Apps and Templates except private ones. Private ones are those we have built for a particular Customer or Partner for their use only.
  5. After the Trial, the Prospect may go direct to the end of the process as outlined on (1) above. If not, thanks to the report by Drift, we will now treat the Prospect as a Product Qualified Lead (PQL).
  6. PQL will enter the Scoping stage, as the Prospect is not yet ready to sign up for subscriptions.


Trial UnifiedVUStart 14-days trial (no obligation to purchase)


We use Capsule CRM, as our CRM solution to move a Prospect along these stages. We then move the Prospect along the Sales Pipeline on UnifiedVU Platform (see below a portion of the Sales Pipeline View).

As we use the same CRM for both UnifiedVU Ltd and our sister company, Venture 9 Ltd, tagging in Capsule CRM allows us to create multiple Sales Pipeline Views by selecting the appropriate tags. Using the built-in “change milestone” functionality, we can easily move the Prospect along the Pipeline View, as well as add a status update including updating the deal close date.

I’ve embedded the report using our favourite document sharing site (my previous startup – see edocr in operation on UnifiedVU).


Love to hear what your thoughts are on the report as well as about the stages of your own sales process.


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