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Delivering Business 360º View for CapsuleCRM Customers

CapsuleCRM is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution with a solid architecture developed to keep track of contacts and organisations you do business with. We have experience of using CapsuleCRM for many years, and the workflows shown are built with us in mind first. We welcome you to trial them out for your business.


CapsuleCRM Contacts App allows you to start building the Single Customer View

Repeat the CapsuleCRM Milestone App a number of times to build your pipeline

Add relevant Apps to CapsuleCRM List App to build Portfolio View

Single Customer View

Many companies claim to have products that offer Single Customer View. In most cases, they speak about integrating services into your CRM system. We believe we are the only company who is able to deliver the real Single Customer View, by unifying all systems where customer records are held, e.g. CRM, Accounting, Credit Control, Invoicing, Projects, Customer Support, Customer Service, etc.

In addition, we can also bring external systems such as Twitter, Companies House, Maps, etc to enrich the Single Customer View experience.

Bottomline is that finally you have a single truth across all your systems.

Pipeline Views for Sales, Fund Raising and Recruitment

CapsuleCRM can be used for many tasks from sales to recruitment and fund raising. However, its not always easy to use it for more than one function, as you cannot manage multiple pipelines within CapsuleCRM.
With UnifiedVU, this does not become a problem. Create as many different pipelines as you want with their respective milestones, then simply arrange the milestones to recreate different pipelines in UnifiedVU.

Customer and Supplier Intelligence with Contact Enrichment

Its vital for businesses to know who their customers and suppliers are, their financial health and whether they would honour payments for the products and services they buy from you as well as whether the payments you made to buy products and services from your suppliers will arrive on the promised date.

Select an organisation in your CapsuleCRM App today to see their Companies House reports for UK based customers and suppliers. Select an employee from your CapsuleCRM App to see their social profiles. We plan to add credit checking and other services in the future.

Customer and Supplier Engagement Unified

These days, more and more customers and suppliers engage with you wherever you are on from social networks such as Twitter to private channels such as Slack, Chatter and Yammer to support channels such as voice, instant messaging and help desks. The plethora of solutions are growing everyday, allowing you to get closer to your stakeholders than ever before. But how can you make sense of all these channels?

At UnifiedVU, we are building support for each of these channels one at a time. Today, you can select a contact on your CapsuleCRM app to see all your previous communications on Twitter. Let us know what you would like us to build next.