Our Partner Programme for Software Vendors

Extend your product offering and find new customers with the UnifiedVU Platform

Extend your product's capability

Extend your product's capability by developing and publishing your product App on the UnifiedVU App Store. Let your product be an integral part of Single Customer View and many other use cases.

Access ready made customer channel

As we build our customer base, your product Apps will increasingly be exposed to new customers. We also use product Apps during demos, creating a great new channel for your products and services.


Our developer toolkit consists of a Theme, API Documentation and a Simulator


Our HTML, CSS and JavaScript component based theme makes it quick and easy to prototype, design and build product Apps with a consistent user interface.

API Documentation

Our API Documentation includes code examples and information on how to start building your product Apps on the UnifiedVU Platform.

App Simulator

Our App Simulator lets you test your product Apps while coding, simulate the API, and inspect all App activity and communication.


Co-marketing to help you increase your leads

App Store

Listing in our App Store with demo data to trial your product without having to setup an account first.


Press release, blog and newsletter coverage with regular social media bursts to get the customers exited.

Webinars and Campaigns

Hold joint webinars, participate in marketing campaigns and promote to other partners.


Your Product

Tell us about your product and how it would fit with our solutions.

Book a Demo

Book 30 minutes to demo your product, see a demonstration of UnifiedVU and discuss the initial App concepts and use cases.

Develop Apps

Develop and publish product Apps. Own and maintain your code. Respond to customer feedback and refine as needed.

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