Just as we have witnessed the growth of SaaS web apps, the financial sector will soon be flooded with challenger banks whilst incumbents bring their own innovations. This will lead to SMBs no longer relying on one financial institution for banking needs. We want to be there to help you effectively manage all your financial transactions. Manoj Ranaweera, Founder, UnifiedVU

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UnifiedVU Financial Platform

Bring all your banking feeds into one screen. Presented visually and displaying what matters to you most with ability to act on data, all in real-time.

Already supporting Tide Bank

As your business grow beyond the shores of United Kingdom, currency fluctuations can start to affect your business, especially when you have overseas staff and suppliers.

Let us make this easier for you

Staff expenses can now easily tracked thanks to new payment cards

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Unifying cloud apps (SaaS) to create highly scalable interactive applications for the mass, e.g. Single Customer View and Unified Communications.


Customising cloud, on-premise and legacy software to create unique user experiences to suit your specific needs, e.g. group performances.


Creating new enterprise applications which solve major issues, e.g. reducing admissions to accident and emergency wards in UK NHS hospitals.


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