UnifiedVU Google Map Applications and Workflows

Bringing data and functionality from all your business software on to one screen to help you get the best out of Google Maps.

Google Map Applications

Your opportunity to help contribute to growth of your organisation

As organisations use more software than ever before, data and functionality are now scattered across many applications resulting in having to switch and toggle between these applications to complete daily jobs and workflows. In addition, reliance on others for information due to lack of access or training hinders productivity.

UnifiedVU brings data and functionality from all your software and data sources on to one screen in real-time to increase organisational productivity. Daily jobs and workflows can now be streamlined and completed faster. Decisions can now be made with up-to-date information, helping with revenue growth.

SageOne + Salesforce

When a customer is selected in Salesforce, SageOne displays due, overdue and paid invoices related to the customer.

SageOne Companies House Google Map

SageOne + Companies House + Google Maps

When a customer is selected in SageOne, Companies House and Google Maps display company details and location respectively.

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