Pipedrive Template demonstrates a number of ways to unify customer data and functionality in Pipedrive with your other favourite software from Xero to Zendesk and beyond.

Apps on a Page can listen and respond to your activities on adjacent Apps. Select a Customer from Pipedrive Contacts App on Single Customer View Page to witness how adjacent Apps respond.

If you are trialling with your own trial account (not on Live Demo Account), you might want to sync with your data. Click App Menu Options (three vertical dots shown on App Menu header) on the Pipedrive Contacts App, select Remove Credentials, enter Email and Password of your Pipedrive account and click submit to sync with your own data.

You can then repeat the same with other Apps.

Once you are comfortable with trialling with demo data and sync with your own data, then it might be time to create your own Space, add Pages and populate them with Apps from the App Store.


There are three Pipedrive Apps, these being, Contacts, Sales and Tasks.

Contacts App displays organisations and contacts you have in Pipedrive with ability to search

Sales lists opportunities you have in Pipedrive

Tasks lists your tasks, as well as ability to search your colleagues’ tasks