Partner Programme for Accountants, Bookkeepers and Value Added Resellers (VARs)

Differentiate your accountancy and bookkeeping practice from the competition and add value to your clients' businesses

Growing companies need accountancy services. But there are many accountancy practices to choose from. How do you differentiate your firm ?

Whilst trust and personal service go a long way to help retain clients, this is no longer enough. Clients are now looking for more than basic accountancy services from their trusted partners.

Client Problem

Your clients are using more software today than ever before to market their products and services, win customers, deliver projects, provide customer support and record financial transactions. As a result, data is now scattered across many software applications. As the business grows, you loose the visibility to see the full picture in order to make sound decisions. You begin to rely on others to provide data for software you no longer have access to. You suddenly start to run the business from spreadsheets based on already old data.

Solution: Single Customer View

UnifiedVU brings real-time data and functionality from sales, marketing, projects, finance and customer support software into one screen to improve productivity and let clients' make the right decision first time.

Why become a Partner?

New Revenue Channel

Sign your clients to UnifiedVU and add a new revenue channel to your firm (up to 20% recurrent subscription revenues).

Increase trust

Provide better business advice based on real-time data from multiple software thanks to Single Customer View.

Become influential

Influence our product road map including bespoke applications to suit your specific needs.