Unify Pipedrive with Xero (virtual integration) for financial analysis

Bringing Pipedrive and Xero on to one screen (with your other favourite cloud apps) to help you work smarter.

Who is this for?

Account Managers, Sales Managers, Accountants, Invoicing and Billing Clerks and anyone interested in sales, customers and finance.

How does this work?

When an organisation is selected on Pipedrive, Xero displays details of invoices due, overdue and paid. When an invoice is selected on Xero, Pipedrive displays associated customer details. Click to access the invoice.

When would you use this?

When a Sales Person or an Account Manager wants to know the status of previous sales before selling anything new. When chasing late payments, its good to know who to call.

How do you set this up?

Populate the chosen Page of a work Space with Pipedrive Contacts and SageOne Apps from the App Store. Authenticate with Pipedrive and SageOne. Then it's ready to use.

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