We unify (virtual integration) Pipedrive with MailChimp, Zendesk, Xero, Twitter, Companies House, FullContact, Google Maps and DueDil to help you increase customer Life Time Value (LTV)

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Your route to becoming a customer success hero and increase customer Life Time Value (LTV)

Single Customer View

Pipedrive Single Customer View

Customer records in your marketing, sales, financial, invoicing and customer support all unified in real-time on one intuitive view, saving you hours of chasing information from multiple systems and departments.

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Pipedrive Unified Communications

Unify your customer and supplier interactions from multiple channels into one intuitive user interface. 

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Pipedrive Customer Intelligence

Unify intelligence of your customers and suppliers from Companies House for UK customers to social media profiles.

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Proof is in the pudding - here's what early adopters of Pipedrive customers say


Start with as low as one user subscription - add more as you gain confidence

Step 1
Create a new Page within an existing or new Work Space
Step 2
Select and add Apps including Pipedrive from AppStore
Step 3
Login to respective software systems
Step 4
Select a customer or contact in Pipedrive to bring customer records on adjacent apps

How to setup unifying business systems in less than 60 seconds


Watch the value of your subscription increase as we start supporting more and more of software

Displays email campaigns received, opened and links clicked when a contact is chosen in Pipedrive
Displays account receivables paid, due and overdue when a customer is selected in Pipedrive
Displays tickets received with responses and status when a customer or contact is chosen in Pipedrive
Displays tweets you had with a contact in Pipedrive
Displays social profiles of your contacts in Pipedrive (additional cost $99)
Companies House
Displays Company House records for UK companies in Pipedrive
Google Maps
Displays location of customer, contact or employee in Pipedrive
Display Company House general information of UK companies in Pipedrive


Limited only by extent of your imagination


How we deliver increasing value for Pipedrive Customers

Phase 1
Unify all your software systems for increased productivity starting with sales and account management
Phase 2
Deliver insights and operational intelligence over and above the functionality of your systems
Phase 3
Increased collaboration with customers and suppliers, and extend your product and service offerings

We help your team run faster with real-time information and functionality from all your software in one place.

Grow your revenues and reduce costs - Be the envy of your competitors

Software your way
We unify Pipedrive with rest of your software through one intuitive user interface allowing you to work faster and make the right decision first time
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Founded in Estonia and used by more than 30,000 customers from around the world, Pipedrive is a powerful tool for managing sales opportunities
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If you could re-image your software world, what would it be? Manchester, UK based UnifiedVU is on a mission to change how business software is used forever.
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