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An User Interface which surfaces information and functionality from all your software onto one screen is finally here

UnifiedVU Framework

The UnifiedVU Framework manages the access control and permissions system.

Work Spaces are populated by adding Single Page Apps from the App Store.

Each App connects with a particular data source or a software application such as a CRM, Accounting software or even a spreadsheet.

When used, the App surfaces information and functionality, as programmed.

Once Apps are added, the Framework supports the inter-app communications (aka the magic of the Platform), where adjacent Apps subscribe to events published.

Inter-App Communications

The Application shown consists of five Single Page Applications (left to right), none of which are integrated with each other.

Company List: CRM Contact List powered by CapsuleCRM, which displays a list of organisations tagged with “Tech Companies – Manchester” and their employees in the CRM.

Customer Intelligence: UK Company records from Companies House, which displays information, officers of the company and documents filed including financial accounts, annual returns, etc.

Peoplegraph which contains social profiles.

Customer Location: Google Map and Shared Documents: List of documents from

When you select a company from the Company List App, it publishes email address, company number and post code. Customer Intelligence app subscribes to Company Number, interrogates its own database and display matching records from its database. At this point, the app also publishes the post code. Peoplegraph and edocr apps subscribe to email address published by the Company List App, finds matching records in their respective databases and display them. Customer Location App subscribes to post code either from the Customer List or Customer Intelligence, find matching information from Google and display back. This simple technique of publish and subscribe allows unique use cases to be created, helping to boost organisational productivity.