Salesforce is the world’s No. 1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, targeted at fastest growing companies and larger organisations.

Sales Pipelines

UnifiedVU Sales Pipeline View allows you to see immediately where your opportunities sit in the pipeline so that you can focus on closing them faster.

The built-in functionality allows you to change the milestone of an opportunity without having to log into Salesforce.

If you have a pipeline with many milestones, we suggest you split it into Acquisition, Conversion and Result, so that its easier to manage.

Single Customer View

Even with an awesome ecosystem, it is difficult for Salesforce to provide a true Single Customer View, mainly due to limitations on cramping information and functionality from other applications into Salesforce User Interface. Salesforce1 has made significant strides on this regard, yet it is impossible to overcome the UI limitations.

At UnifiedVU, we thrive on providing a UI over your existing software systems. Our Single Customer View can be built using apps where ever customer records exists from CRM, Accounting, Credit Control, Invoicing, Projects, Customer Support, Customer Service, etc.

In addition, we can also bring external systems such as Twitter, Companies House, Maps, etc to enrich the Single Customer View experience.

Bottomline is that finally you have a single truth across all your systems, helping you to make the right decision first time.

Add New

Whilst Salesforce is a great CRM, its overly complicated when all you want to do is enter data, especially after coming back with a handful of business cards from an event.

Our data entry app, Salesforce Add New allows you to create new accounts (organisation), contacts and opportunities rapidly, reducing time spent on data entry.

We suggest you use the Salesforce Contacts App alongside this App to ensure the contact or account does not already exist in Salesforce. Same check can be done for opportunities by using the Salesforce Sales Milestone App.

Unified Customer and Supplier Interactions

These days, more and more prospects, customers, suppliers and stakeholders engage with you wherever you are on from social networks such as Twitter to private channels such as Slack, Chatter and Yammer. The plethora of solutions are growing everyday, allowing you get closer to your stakeholders than ever before. But how do you make sense of interactions in all of these channels?

At UnifiedVU, we are building support for each of these channels, one at a time. Today, you can select a contact on your Salesforce Contacts App and see all your previous communications with that contact on Twitter, both tweets and direct messages.

Do lets us know which channel we should support next.

Customer and Supplier Intelligence

It is vital for businesses to know who their customers and suppliers are, their financial health and whether they would honour payments for the products and services they buy from you as well as whether the payments you made to buy products and services from your suppliers will arrive on the promised date.

Select an Account from your Salesforce Contact App today to see their Companies House reports for UK based customers and suppliers. Select a Contact from your Salesforce Contact App to see their social profiles.

Do let us know what additional services you like to see, e.g. credit checking.

[Additional pricing for social profile checking]