UnifiedVU shows all of your data and functionality from sales, marketing, finance and customer support in one screen.


Customer records in your marketing, sales, finance and support all unified in real-time on one intuitive view, saving you hours of chasing information from multiple systems and departments.

The bigger the company, the larger the number of systems where a customer appears. Such systems range from CRM, email marketing, marketing automation, telemarketing, social media, project management, financial and accounting, invoicing, credit control, customer service, customer support and many more.

It is nearly impossible to have a single truth of the customer across all of these systems. Many CRM vendors have you believe that its possible to unite the customer through CRM. Whilst this may be the attempt, its nearly impossible to deliver this due to user interface limitations. For the first time, UnifiedVU is able to unite customer records from any system. We don’t stop here. You can even unite with non internal systems such as social media.

Supported Services - Ready for use

What every Small to Medium Business (SMB) has been waiting for


Only few minutes to setup. Then you are ready to use.

Step 1
Add a new Page to a new or an existing Work Space.
Step 2
Select and add your services from the AppStore from sales, marketing, finance and customer support to start with.
Step 3
Log into your services through each of the App. Refresh if needed to see your single customer view.
Step 4
Now select a customer from CRM app to see how other adjacent apps respond


Information and functionality, just the way you want

Benefit 1
Once setup, brings all your services into one place. Add and remove services as you see fit. No need to login separately.
Benefit 2
Works on any device, any time from anywhere
Benefit 3
Simpler to use, no training needed once basics are understood
Benefit 4
No data imported and your data remains in your existing systems at all times.