Re-Skinning CapsuleCRM – Single View of Sales Pipeline

CapsuleCRM is a great Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for small businesses. I have been using CapsuleCRM for many years, but have never been happier with the User Interface (UI) of Sales Pipeline, especially after I came across Pipedrive few years ago.

Here is the Sales Pipeline diagram from CapsuleCRM UI.

capsulecrm pipeline


Now what if we could recreate this into a dynamic and highly satisfying user experience similar to Pipedrive? And that’s exactly what we created by repeatedly using a single app we’ve built. We hope the result speaks for itself.

Livestax CapsuleCRM Pipeline Page


The process starts by adding CapsuleCRM Pipeline App from the AppStore, and repeating this process a number of times (to match the number of sales milestones) on a designated Page within one of your Spaces.

Once you have entered the URL and CapsuleCRM API key, you can begin to configure each of the repeated app to a particular milestone, ideally starting with the first milestone to the last, and the last typically being the final stage of the sales process.

We have built the app to store the URL and API keys securely, so that you do not need to keep entering them every time you visit the Sales Pipeline View.

You can also move each of the opportunities along the sales pipeline by clicking on the ^ without having to visit CapsuleCRM.

Definitions: On UnifiedVU, Apps are added to Pages, which are linked to Spaces. You could share a Space with your colleagues or publish it as a public Space. It can also be private.

If you wish to trial CapsuleCRM Sales Pipeline View, please get in touch with us.


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