Welcome Book of the Future, our first paying customer

We are thrilled to announce that Book of the Future became our first paying customer today. For an early stage tech company such as ours, especially a one who has been self-funding, its an immense milestone to reach, when a company believes in your vision and decide to join. From our end, its the first validation of what we have been building full time since July 2015 [the technology behind UnifiedVU goes all the way back to 2012].

shape the future


For a tech company, the first ten customers are so special, and the very first one, is even more special. We believe UnifiedVU is bringing to the market the next evolution in integration, the virtual integration where no data exchange takes place between software systems, yet they function momentarily as if they were fully integrated. It takes an especial company to be the first to take advantage of such a technology. And our first customer is none other than a futuristic company. Let me quickly introduce them.

Book of the Future is an applied futurism practice. They help people and organisations to see a coherent vision of the future and share that vision with the people that matter. Then they help them to respond with innovation, either to avert a future they don’t like, or take maximum advantage of one that they do.

Since launching in 2012 Book of the Future has helped a varied audience across the public, private and third sectors including large enterprises (Nikon, Sony Pictures, LG, BUNZL, Daisy PLC), membership bodies (Institute of Chartered Accountants, Institute of Leadership and Management, Association of Language Travel Operators, Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations), education institutions (University of Manchester, Bucks New Uni, Lancaster University) and public bodies (Enfield Borough Council, West Hampshire NHS CCG).

According to Tom Cheesewright of Book of the Future,

“UnifiedVU Platform gave me much clearer insight into the shape of my sales pipeline in a visual form that was easier to manage than my CRM system. At a glance I can see where every opportunity is at, and with a few clicks I can interact with them to keep things moving.”

tom cheesewright


Tom Cheesewright on right hand side with Professor Brian Cox at a conference organised by Book of the Future

We welcome Tom and his team to UnifiedVU. Thanks for believing in us.



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