SINGLE CUSTOMER VIEW 2.0 – The holy grail #SingleCustomerView #SCV #UnifiedVU

The holy grail of bringing your sales, marketing, finance, support, projects and external data into one screen with functionality

The concept of Single Customer View (SCV) is nothing new. In the past, the attempts focused on creating a Master Data Record. Hence the birth of Master Data Management (MDM) solutions and with the popularity of system integrations and data warehousing technologies, corporates started to spend significant cost trying to address this age-old problem.

Single Customer View 2.0

We believe at UnifiedVU we have an alternative solution which does not rely on MDM, data warehouses or expensive system integrations. In fact, we keep your data where ever they are and have a high regard for data security and governance. Data behind the firewall will never be displayed until your device is connected to your network through Virtual Private Network (VPN) or similar.


Our proposition includes:

  1. Single Customer View
  2. Sales Pipeline View
  3. Cash and Revenue Blocker Analysis
  4. Customer Intelligence
  5. Unified Tasks
  6. Unified Communications



Let’s say you use Salesforce for sales, MailChimp for email marketing, Xero for finance, Zendesk for customer support, Google Mail for emails, Trello for task management and Google Drive for proposals and documents.

You can now build a SCV easily by populating a Page with above Apps added from the UnifiedVU App Store.

When you select a customer on Salesforce, MailChimp will show how the employees have responded to email marketing campaigns. Xero will show which invoices have been paid and which have not. Zendesk will show opened and closed tickets from the customer. Google Mail will show the emails you exchanged with the customer. Trello will show any dedicated Boards setup for the customer. If not, any tasks (Trello Cards) assigned with ability for you to update status. Google Drive will show proposals sent and any related documents. All in one screen, in real-time, helping you to make the best possible decision without having to rely on your colleagues for information or reports.

Change the driver. Select a contact who clicked on a link in the latest email marketing campaign. See the invoices they have paid and overdue. See the support tickets they filed, and so on.

Change the driver again. This time, select an overdue invoice. See whether the customer is still a going-concern or have filed for liquidation via companies house database. Perhaps its time to write off the debt in your balance sheet. See what tickets are outstanding and any future sales deals under threat.

Of course, if we do not support all your business software, we will build connectivity to what’s missing as part of our agreement with you.

We are not shy of building customer specific solutions. In fact, we believe each customer is different.

UnifiedVU works with the smallest company on the planet to the largest. We are here to solve your problems!


How we fit in

It’s easy to mistake us for another Business Intelligence (BI) or Dashboards company. UnifiedVU’s approach is unique. We are here to help you complete your daily jobs faster and save 30 minutes of your time daily. At the same time, we help you to make best-informed decisions increasing revenue growth and profitability.



As always, we are keen to hear your thoughts on our value proposition.