Single Customer View and Oracle Cloud Day Manchester

I had the privilege to attend the Oracle Cloud Day in Manchester on 8th November 2016, which was attended by about 150 Oracle staff, customers, prospects and partners. Whilst it covered many themes, the core theme was the introduction of Oracle Cloud and why customers should consider migration from on-premise deployments.


oracle cloudday


Richard Noble, the King of Speed

The highlight for me was listening to Richard Noble in his quest for speed, especially breaking land speed records. Having broken the land speed record in 1983 travelling at 633.468 mph beating all odds, he then went to break it again reaching 763.035 mph (1221 kmph) or Mach 1.02, but this time driven by Andy Green.



Code named Bloodhound, Richard is now on target to break the 1000 mph barrier in 2018 with Andy Green. The education programme setup around Bloodhound continue to inspire a generation of children in science and technology, not just in the UK.


richard noble


I was there to re-educate myself about the current solution stack of Oracle, as I have not engaged with them since shutting down my first tech startup, ebdex, a FinTech company in 2006. Given the breadth of Oracle technology, it was not easy to home into what problem we might be able to solve through UnifiedVU first, until I came across a presentation given on on-premise integrations with SaaS.


Oracle on-premise to SaaS
Whilst UnifiedVU does not address the specific problem captured in the slide, we could nevertheless display Quote in Oracle E-Business Suite when the customer is selected on Salesforce Contacts App, bringing Oracle into our Single Customer View proposition.

Of course, this is just a concept at present, but if you are an Oracle customer, keen to hear about any problems you might have due to data and functionality been scattered across a number of software.

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